Wednesday, August 12, 2009

New Place, New Experience

This is my first entry for this year. So many things going on and I already passed everything that required by JPA for my HLP's offer confirmation. Alhamdulillah my IELTS result went fine as required by JPA and universities. I already got 6 offers from La Trobe University, University of Adelaide, University of Western Australia, University of Queensland, Queensland University of Technology and Curtin University of Technology. I still can't decide which is teh best place for me and family. I still have 4 months to choose before teh due date to submit my offer letter to JPA.

I went for BTN course last February in Kem Bina Negara, Ulu Sepri. Since that was my first time of attending BTN course, I enjoyed most of the activities that held during the program. I believe it was one of the appropriate place for me to speak out my own stand and view. The facilitators as weel as trainers were very kind and professional. I was able to meet many smart people from various fields. Majority of them were lecturers, some were specialists (doctors), researchers, lawyers, and other government officers. But that time I realized that my stamina was really bad compared last five years. :-) So, I have to improve it, let's jogging!

I attended Qualitative Analysis course that I did in INTAN Bukit Kiara last Mac till end of April. This was the other superb experience for me since I knew the impotances of reserach and I met a lot of new good friends from other government agencies. Most of them are doing local and already started their lectures last month while me still here, working with lots of memos and e-mails to reply.

A week after I finished QA course, I was promoted to Senior IT Officer at Procurement and Asset Management Division, still under Ministry of Education. I love working here, with new job scope, new responsibility and nice boses and subordinates. Thanks all for your support and I'll try to perform my duty as best as I can before I continue my journey to accomplish my next mission in my life.

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naiey said...

salam acik,
nai ni.kite jumpe kat EPL kat uniten bangi aritu.
anyway..tahniah yer..bestnye dpt belajar kat oversea...
k..selamat berpuasa :-)

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