Saturday, November 29, 2008

International English Language Testing System (IELTS)

While planned to sit for International English Language Testing System (IELTS) as one of the condition that I have to fullfill in order to get my permanent offer letter for HLP, I was proposed by two study consultants/agents tru e-mail and phone. Actually, I registered my name when they opened their booths during the HLP’s Offer Letter Giving ceremony last month. From the e-mails, conversations and my friend’s previous experience, I already got my preferred agent.

I decide to take IELTS by middle of January or beginning of February. InsyaAllah by next Saturday, I’ll go to IDP KL to register for the exam. To register, I have to prepare RM530 as registration fee, 2 pasport size photos and a photocopy of my IC. The test consists of four modules, Reading, Writing, Listening and Speaking. The concept is very similiar with the English test that I already sit during my orientation week at IIUM. Basically that time, the purpose was to identify our English level since IIUM using English as a medium. I didn’t really remember the result but I was in average group. I thought, I saw number 6, 6.5 and 7 in my result slip but I didn’t remember what band that I got for each module. This time, I have to get at least band 6.5 for overall and not least than 6 for each module.

About the university, InsyaAllah I’ll apply for Masters of Information System or anything similiar from Monash University, La Trobe University and Deakin University. All are located in Melbourne, Australia and top unoversities in Australia. Truly, I prefer to stay and study either in Melbourne or Brisbane since both states offer very convenience and interesting place to live and study.

The way is still long and many to complete. I took more that two months even to decide the most suitable place for me to study and my family to live. I always pray that Allah will guide me along the way and everything goes well with the blessing of Allah… Amin…

Thursday, November 13, 2008

My Ambitions...

I still remember during my form one when my English teacher asked about my ambition. My answer was to be an air-hostess who can remain my proper attire as a Muslim by wearing dress that cover the aurah. I hoped for a positive respond from him but unfortunately, he told the class with an answer that made me quite frustrated. ‘Air-hostess is not a good job and majority of them do not practice right way as good Muslim in their life.’ –> (this was my teacher’s opinion, not me… :-D) I did not really understand what he really meant during that time.

When I was in form three, my dream job changed to be a Syariah lawyer and I planned to further Law degree at the International Islamic University Malaysia. Since primary school, I actively participated in activities or competitions that need me to speak in front of audiences such as ‘Pertandingan Berceloteh’ (standard two), poem declamation (standard six), debate competition (standard six), Forum (form four) and pantun (for four). I love writing and reading and have a book where I wrote my own poems, pantun and short story. Unfortunately, the book was missing in action long time ago.

When I was in form four and learnt accounting, I performed well with that subject (the best student for that course was one of my best friend who is an Accounting lecturer at UUM now –> Norfaiezah Suwandi)). My Accounting teacher in that time was Cikgu Shamsinar who was UKM graduated and always motivate me and other students that have potential in accounting to continue our study in that field. With that reason, I add my another favourite subject from BM with accounting. With my SPM result (not really achieved my target but still received offer from Kulliyyah of Economics (IIUM), Diploma of Business Admin (UiTM), Department of Architecture (University of Malaya) and Department of Science (UPM), I continue my next step to IIUM for my matriculation. But, instead of joining Bachelor of Accounting course, I studied Management Information Systems.

During my final semester, I started a small business by selling sandwiches and printing service. I kept all income that I got from that in my ASB account which I used all of it for my first car downpayment a year after graduated. I love doing business and have a dream to do a commercial job one day.

After finished my first degree, I did part time job for about three months by ran a home tuition for a very minimum or no fee (for orphans) and sold sandwiches that my mom put it at her school’s canteen. By helping the students, I believe that it was one way that I can contribute to the society and ummah as my gratitude and thankful to Allah as I successfully graduated my degree with a good pointer.

I got an offer to be a lecturer at Cosmopoint College at Kuantan branch. Kuantan was not a new place for me since I boned there and most of my relatives from my mom’s part are there. I taught System Analysis, Networking and Microsoft Office for about one year. I attended interview for Information Systems Officer for the government when I was in Kuantan. I was very lucky since most of the questions were related with all subjects that I taught in college. Alhamdulillah, I was accepted as one of the Information System Officer (aka Information Technology Officer as new term) and my first posting was at English Language Teaching Centre, one of the teacher’s institute under Ministry of Education for about 2 years. As I was the first officer for that kind of post during that time, my job was not really related with what actually I have to do since they did not have clear guideline for me. After almost two years, my application to join other agency in Putrajaya was successful. I became part of Information Technology and Communication Division for Ministry of Education until now. I am very thankful for being here. I learn a lot, not only about my job, but about people around me. Beware of people and not put a believe until you really know her/him. Not all people are sincere but most of them are very kind and generous. But I always believe that Allah knows all that one day He will reward us with everything that we have done.

No matter what, I have to thanks Allah for everything that He gave me. Thank you Allah and please guide me as your thankful and humble servant.

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